Singleton Playhouse

Satisfied Clients

Do you have any satified clients?  Did they write and tell you so?  Share!  Have a photo of client or the work your business did for them, share that too.  Nothing sells your services like a photo of a job well done.


 I'am at piece of mind when I'm at work!  D. Black

My daughter has been with Miss Marlana for over 3 years now and it's more like family then childcare.  I ran into some hard times and she was very understanding.   My daughter has learned so much and now she is off to Kindergarden this year and we miss Ms. Marlana.  I wish the school that we chose for her was in the area.  We go back and visit from time to time.  K.  Long

I'm very particular about where and who watches my baby.  My daughter is now 3 years of old.  Ms Marlana had her when she turned one.  The first thing I notice was she was very friendly and the facilty was clean, bright and colorful.  It reminds you of the feel of the big daycares just a smaller version.  It gave a cozy feeling, but what did it for me was I was getting all that and it is AFFORDABLE!  Kuddles to you Ms. Marlana I love the website  P.  Haigler

I would recommend Singletonplayhouse for the price and cleaniness, plus you can't beat learning its set up like a preschool class absolutely LOVE IT!  I. Roper